Four Marks is a village that has grown substantially since the existing village hall was built some fifty years ago. This expansion is continuing and the future will undoubtedly bring yet more houses and so more residents. 

The existing Village Hall has problems of inadequate parking, capacity to accept all bookings, increasing maintenance requirements, and facilities which do not match newer halls although has the advantage of a site right in the centre of the village in Lymington Bottom. 

A consultation was held in Autumn 2018 on the desirability of building a large, new hall, capable of accommodating existing and new users.  Options were presented to replace the hall, and a location for a new building was proposed as enlarging the current Village Hall would not be an option due to the planning requirement for adequate parking. 

Consultation Form and Presentation given at the Full Council Meeting on Wednesday 17th October 2018

Subsequent to the consultation, a survey was carried out and although the majority indicated their preference being a new facility at the Recreation Ground, there were a high number of responses wishing the location of the facility to remain on the Village Hall site.   To build a larger facility, the Village Hall site would need to be sold to raise funds and due to resistance in this regard, the project was put on hold until after the Parish Council elections in May 2019.

A new working party consisting, at this stage, of Councillors was formed with a remit to look at providing a new smaller facility to enhance the current facilities rather than replace them.  Research is currently been undertaken, together with site visits to other local venues, to get a better idea of what facilities are popular and would be cost effective to provide.   Indicative designs are in preparation based on those visits, with an associated business plan to follow.