Open Spaces

Four Marks Parish Council are responsible for the following areas of open spaces: 
Badger Close, Station Gardens, Oak Green, Lymington Bottom Green, Kingswood Copse, Recreation Ground and Swelling Hill Pond.


Badger Close

The Parish Council were given three areas of wildlife habitat as part of the open space provision from the developer of the houses in Badger Close, the Dell, the Sett and the Orchard. These are all linked by a number of wildlife corridors. They are maintained purely as wildlife areas and left as natural as possible. The Badger Sett is the breeding area, and when the cubs are old enough they leave the sett and make home in the Dell. The orchard, which has had a number of additional fruit trees planted in the last few years, is a natural food source for the badgers and other local wildlife. 


badger close
Badger Close
The Sett
The Sett
The Dell
The Dell

Lymington Green   

Lymington Green was historically a lorry park prior to the junction change on the A31, an area of scrub land. The Parish Council now have a long term lease on the land and have restored the area to one of the main focal points of the village, with the addition over the last five years of the war memorial, additional seating, some small shrub beds, a village sign and finally replacement low level locally sourced chestnut fencing. Although adjacent to the A31 this is a tranquil area enjoyed my many and hosts the annual Remembrance Sunday service.

Bench, tree and village sign

Bench and war memorial plinth

War Memorial statue

Recreation Ground

Four Marks Recreation Ground offers a wide variety of activities, including an outdoor adult multi gym, children’s play area, skate park and teenage activity area, a multi use games area (MUGA) with basketball and netball nets, tennis courts and an active bowls club. There is a football and cricket pitch with associated facilities in the Sports Pavilion, with a floodlit training area.  For details on clubs or hire of the Recreation Ground, pleased contact the Parish Office.    Four Marks Allotments are also located at the Recreation Ground.


play area
Children's Play Area
basketball court
Multi-Use Games Area
Skate Park
Skate Park

Oak Green Shopping Parade

Four Marks has a variety of shops and eateries at Oak Green, including a bakery, wine shop, chemist, small grocery shops, hairdressers, flower shop, off licence, charity shop, opticians and sports shop. There are options for take away food, with a fish and chip shop and Chinese, with a popular Indian restaurant, offering both eat in and take away. The local brewery and bar are across the road. There is free parking in front of the shops and behind the petrol station. A thriving service centre for both local residents and those just passing through.

Seating area across from shops

Car parking area

christmas tree and lights

Station Gardens

A small area of open space beside the Medstead and Four Marks Train station, there is access from the train station when the trains are running, the footpath that runs through the open space area and along the railway line links Boyneswood Road and Station Approach. Recently enhanced by some shrub planting.

Station gardens

Station gardens

Station gardens

Kingswood Copse

Kingswood Copse is a managed area of woodland at the entrance to the village, gifted to the Parish Council with a ring fenced sum of money as the open space provision compensating for the loss of green space when Bishops View and Kingswood Rise were built. 

There is an abundance of wildlife, flora and fauna and regeneration, managed minimally to allow it to flourish as naturally as possible. 

Unfortunately a number of trees have had to be felled due to Ash dieback, but an additional 30 trees have been planted throughout the wooded area to compensate.  Daffodils peep through in the spring from its former identify as a fruit and nut orchard, with walnut, plum and pear trees providing fruit and nuts for wildlife.  Dormice love the understorey, which is why when tree work is carried out, it is left.  The logs provide a haven for bugs.