Medstead and Four Marks Neighbourhood Plan

The Medstead & Four Marks Neighbourhood Plan was passed under Referendum on 5th May 2016 and was formerly adopted 12th May 2016 by the Local Planning Authority, East Hampshire District Council. The Neighbourhood Plan is therefore a lawful planning document carrying maximum ‘weight’ when the Local Planning Authority are considering local planning applications.

A ‘skeleton’ Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group still continue to meet and comment on local planning applications as appropriate. Although a sub group of two parish councils, they are a separate entity and hold appropriate liability insurance.

In addition, the two documents detailed below are also used as a guide by East Hampshire District Council when considering planning applications within Four Marks. The Village Design Statement was prepared in, approved and adopted in 2001. The Four Marks Community Plan was prepared in 2012 and endorsed by East Hampshire District Council shortly after.